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Garage Door Opener

We Repair & Install Garage Door Openers – Services in Ontario

Our technicians can fix mostly every brand of garage door openers. We carry a full line of replacement parts for brands like Liftmaster, Genie, Chamberlin, Craftsman, Linear, Overhead Door, and many more. Our experts are all stocked with a large variety of opener replacement parts, making your repair as swiftly as possible. The service team at Quality Garage Doors have extensive training on door opener repairs of all types and in almost all cases can get the job done on the spot. We look forward to taking care of your garage door’s needs.


Here are some of the types of garage door openers we can help you with:


Belt Drive

The quietest and most expensive models use a metal-reinforced rubber belt instead of chain.


Chain Drive

This is the most common and least expensive garage door opener which uses a chain looped around the rail.


Screw Drive

Intermediate in cost and noise level are the screw-driven models, with a mechanism that moves up and down a long threaded steel rod. These are the most powerful and, with the smallest number of moving parts, they can require the least maintenance.

Other services we can help you with: installation of new garage doors, repair of your old garage doors by changing other parts.